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Integration with CRM SalesDrive

Интеграция программ BAS с "SalesDrive" - универсальный обмен между объектами "SalesDrive" и программ BAS.

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UAH 16 000
Full description

Integration of BAS programs with "SalesDrive" - universal exchange between "SalesDrive" objects and BAS programs.

Fig. 1. Scheme of exchange with SalesDrive.

How implemented:

A - Exchange of orders with the site (may not be)

                The order comes from the site. Reverse order/pre-order status changes.

B - Exchange of orders with BAS.

                The order comes from SalesDrive to BAS. Order/pre-order status changes are sent back.

Based on the exchange scheme (Fig. 1), an order (request) in SalesDrive can be created both manually in SalesDrive and received when exchanging with the site. But part B will work the same in any of these options.

Integration functionality includes:

1. Receiving an order/pre-order via WebHook. 
When an order is created or its status changed, SalesDrive sends a message with the order data. On the BAS side, it is received by the HTTP service.
а) An order is created/changed and its status in BAS;
б) Sent (using the API) to SalesDrive the number of the created document (If allowed by the corresponding setting).
2. When an order status is changed in BAS, the status value is sent to SalesDrive (using the API) (If allowed by the corresponding setting)
3. Since the SalesDrive API does not imply changing the amount of the order, when changing the amount of an order/pre-order in BAS, the line "Respect for changing the amount of the order - 0000.00 UAH" is added to the order comment in BAS. and the comment value (via API) is sent to SalesDrive.

Fig. 2. SalesDrive integration settings.

Integration settings specify authorization parameters for working with API (Account and API key).


Fig. 3. How to find Account and API Key parameters (1).

Fig. 4. How to find the Account and API Key parameters (2).

To receive a Webhook, you need to publish an HTTP integration service (called SalesDrive) and perform port forwarding.

The result should be a URL like this:

http://<external IP>:<port>/<public name>/hs/SalesDrive/WebHook

It must be specified in the Webhook SalesDrive settings (see Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. Where is the URL for Webhook SalesDrive.

This solution partially uses the functionality of integration with Bitrix24.

In particular, the exchange entity setting mechanism is used. It allows you to add/change the necessary fields in the exchange entity in user mode.

Fig. 6. Exchange Essence (Order/Pre-Order).

To work with the SalesDrive API directories for entity reference values, the ability to identify by ID has been added (this was not required (and was not) in the standard integration with Bitrix24).

Fig. 7. Directories of exchange entities with identification, incl. by ID.

Correspondences of lookup values are specified in the same way as in integration with Bitrix24.

Fig. 8. Configuring SalesDrive Reference Value Correspondences.

The object ID is stored in the same registry as for Bitrix24. To understand that this is a SalesDrive ID, it is written with the prefix "SD_":

Fig. 9. The SalesDrive ID is stored in the same register that was used in the integration with Bitrix24.

To set up the exchange entity, you can use all the fields of the request that come via Webhook (all fields of the data section in JSON Webhook SalesDrive).

Fig. 10. The principle of setting up an exchange entity for integration with SalesDrive.

Cost of work: from 16000 UAH.

Developer: Company NCT

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