Automatic raising of the client’s card in the "1C:Підприємство" integration module with virtual ATC (with http service)

  • Автоматическое поднятие (открытие) карточки клиента при входящем звонке;

  • Синхронизированное открытие документа "Событие" у одного сотрудника и закрытие документа у другого сотрудника при переводе звонка.

  • Загрузка звонков в реальном времени при завершении звонка на виртуальной АТС.

Поскольку со стороны сервера "1С:Підприємство" мы не можем управлять процессами на клиентской части (например: открыть форму документа у произвольного активного пользователя "1С:Підприємство") для этих целей используется данное решение.

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Type Management Accounting  
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Automatic raising of the client’s card in the "1C:Підприємство" integration module with virtual ATC (with http service)
UAH 4 000
Full description

Automatic raising of the client’s card in the "1С:Enterprise" integration module with virtual ATC (with http service)


  • Automatic raising (opening) of a client card upon an incoming call;

  • When transferring a call, if the “Open event” user is set for the active call, then the user who transfers the call automatically closes the event, and the event opens to the user who the call is transferred to. (The first user of the event opened automatically with an active call).

  • Download calls in real time at the end of a call on a virtual ATC.

In the implementation scheme of the solution is used, developed by our company, a component consisting of:

  • the server part, the diagram shows how “WinSocket Server Service” (".dll", is installed by and is registered on the server by the administrator);
  • client part, installed as a layout in the configuration "1С:Enterprise", is shown in the diagram as "External component" in the block "1С:Enterprise".

Why is it necessary to use an external component to solve this problem?

Since from the server "1С:Enterprise" side we cannot manage the processes on the client side (for example: open the document form of an arbitrary active user "1С:Enterprise") for this purpose this solution is used.

Description: Webhook received from the Cloud Telephony Server by the "1С:Enterprise" server via the HTTP service is sent (HTTP request body) to the WinSocket server service, which sends this message to all "1С:Enterprise" clients connected to it that are connected using an external component. The result of processing this message may be, for example, opening/closing the form of the document call.

To publish an HTTP Service, use Apache's Web server or IIS.

The result of processing of this message will be a created phone call in "1С:Enterprise", which is in the form of a document.

Platform requirement - at least

Setting cost: 4000 UAH.

Developer: NCT Company

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