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Software RRO "Vchasno. Checkout"

Software RRO "Vchasno. Checkout"

Software PPO "Vchasno. Checkout". Implementation of a turnkey solution from "Vchasno". 

We implement the installation of software PPO «Vchasno. Checkout» into programs of the "BAS" line, configurations ("UTP", "UVP", "UT 2.3", etc.).

Full description

Integration functionality

1. In the documents "Consignment note" and "Check. KKM" printable forms "Check. Vchasno", when pressed, the receipt data is transferred to the Vchasno service; if successful, the check is displayed on the print form and you can print it (or scan the QR code or save the link to the check and send it to the client); if the receipt is printed, then the document is blocked for editing.

2. Processing "PPO setup" for the possibility of initial setup of software PPO and opening/closing a cash register shift.


How the solution is implemented

The configuration changes are minimal. Two external processing is added: "PPO setup" and a printable for the document "Consignment note" or "Cash register receipt".

In the configuration for the documents "Consignment note" and "Cash register check", the "Cashier response" variable is added, in which the response from the "Vchasno. Checkout" service is recorded.

Minor editing of document data modules.


More details

Printed form of the receipt in the documents "Sale of goods and services" and "Cash register receipt".

The printed form can be connected to the documents: "Sale of goods and services" and "Cash register receipt". 

When the printable form "Check. Vchasno" is executed, the data about the check is transferred to the "Vchasno. Checkou", and accordingly to the tax service. If the transfer of the check was successful, then the document is fixed and is no longer available for changes.

Fig. 1. Document "Sale of goods and services", printing a receipt Vchasno.

When you select the printable form "Check. Vchasno" (fig. 1), a dialog appears to select the type of payment: cash, bank transfer, card, etc. (fig. 2)

Fig. 2. Printing a check "Vchasno". The first dialogue with the requirement to specify the type of payment.


If the transmission of the check data was successful, then the printable form of the check is displayed (fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Printed form of check Vchasno.


You can print a check, scan a QR code, send a client a link to a check in instant messengers or by mail.

Service processing "Configuring PPO". 


  • Opening shift;

  • X-report;

  • Closing a shift: Z-report.

  • Setting the types of payments: cash, non-cash, card, prepayment;

  • Assigning VAT rate codes: 20%, 0%, 7%, excluding VAT.

Fig. 4. Processing "PPO Setting".


Additional functionality that we can implement:

  • if there are physical cash registers, organization of joint work without conflicts with software PPO;

  • placement of the logo on the printed form of the check;

  • printing of letters of guarantee when printing a check.

List of configurations of the “BAS” line and configurations of “1C:Підприємство”:

  • BAS Accounting;

  • BAS KUP. BAS Integrated enterprise management;

  • BAS Small Business or UNF. BAS SmallBusiness or Managing a small company;

  • BAS UT 3.2. BAS Trade management 3.2;

  • UTP. Management of a trading company;

  • UVP. Management of a production enterprise;

  • UT 2.3. Trade Management, version 2.3;

  • Beauty salon, edition 2.0.

The possibility of integrating the service into other configurations needs to be discussed.


The cost of integrating the "Vchasno.Kassa" service with the BAS or "1C:Підприємство" configurations: from 2000,00 UAH.


Materials from the presentation were used "Vchasno. Checkout" from the "Vchasno" service.


Developer: NCT Company

Industry ATP, transport management  Production  Printing houses  Wholesale  Medical clinics, medical institutions  Rent of equipment for rent  Insurance, Assistance  Service station, sale of spare parts and cars  Online store  Tourism  
Direction of automation Additional settings  Other configurations  Transport logistics  Assistant companies  Integration with document management services (Vchasno, Comarch).  Planning of sales, purchases, money  Medical companies  
Type Management Accounting  
Typical products Trade management  Manufacturing enterprise management  Trade Management, edition 2.3  BAS Trade Management,  Management of a small company  СRМ 1.4 from Rarus  СRМ 2.0 or 3.0  BAS ERP Enterprise Management  BAS Accounting  BAS Integrated enterprise management  BAS Small business  

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