Deleting e-mails for a period including attachments

Using the contact manager in "1С:Підприємство", periodically it is necessary to delete old e-mails if:

  • The contact manager began to work slowly, "slow down";
  • The database grew significantly and "1С:Підприємство" began to work slowly, "slow down";
  • There is a need to delete old email messages.

What is the structure of storing emails.

In "1С:Підприємство" the work with e-mail is built through the "Contact Manager" processing. All absolutely electronic letters are documents "E-mail", you can open the data log of documents through the menu "Operations- Documents- Email." All e-mail attachments are stored in the "Email attachments" directory.

How to perform a group delete of emails for a period.

1. You need to use the processing "Tools- General processing- Group processing of directories and documents" (Fig. 1), where you need to perform the actions:

  1. Select "Object type" = "Document";
  2. In the list of document types, select "Email";
  3. In the "Selection" list, set the required selection, for example: "date [date by which you want to delete emails]";
  4. Click "Select" button;
  5. After activating the "Processing" tab (Figure 2), where there is a list of "Email" documents, according to the selected selection, you must select the action "Delete mark" and click the "Run" button; Further, a mark will be made to delete the documents marked with flags "Email".

2. After marking the "E-mail" documents for deletion, it is necessary to delete the e-mails marked for deletion, but taking into account the objects related to this document. With emails linked directory "Email attachments." You can delete the messages marked for deletion from the "Email Accounts" entry in the "Advanced" tab by clicking the "Delete deleted messages" button (Figure 3).

Why can not standard processing "Delete marked to remove objects".

This processing will not delete e-mail-related objects, such as the elements of the "Email attachments" directory. This processing does not delete any letters that have attachments.


Рис. 1 Обработка

Fig. 1. Processing "Group processing of directories and documents" on the main tab, setting the selection of e-mails for a period less than the selected date.

Рис. 2 Обработка

Fig. 2. Processing "Group processing of directories and documents" on the "Processing" tab. Performing the "Mark to delete" feature

Рис. 3 Карточка учетной записи электронной почты в 1С 8 на закладке

Fig. 3. The e-mail account card in "1С:Підприємство" on the "Advanced" tab, where you can delete deleted messages marked as delete with attachments


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