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Medical companies

Workplace of the clinic administrator

The configuration automates the workplace of the clinic administrator for keeping records of visits to doctors, arranging for receiving patients, generating statistical reports, and organizing work with insurance companies.
Purpose and functions of the program:
  • Clinic Administrator Workstation.
  • Schedule an appointment with doctors.
  • Work with insurance companies.
  • Work with affiliates.
  • Simple, intuitive interface.
  • The ability to work through an Internet browser.
  • Printing cash receipts for fiscal registrars.
  • Service accounting: prices, discounts
The configuration can work autonomously or can be installed on the main database configuration, namely:

  • “Management of a trading enterprise” (USP);

  • “Accounting for Ukraine”, edition 2.0;

  • Integrated Automation, Revision 2;

  • “Accounting for Russia and Kazakhstan”, version 3.0;

  • or other configurations.

Industry Medical clinics, medical institutions  
Category Common forms  Other configurations  Controlled forms  Medical companies  
Type Accounting  Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  Accounting, edition 2.0  Accounting for Russia and Kazakhstan, edition 3.0  
UAH 20 000

Automation of records of patient referrals and doctor calls

The configuration is intended for use in companies that provide medical services to provide primary care to insured persons in insurance companies, namely the organization of physician calls at home, the diagnosis, the delivery of medicines, the processing of sick lists. 
The configuration is intended for rendering own services on rendering consultations by regular doctors.

The configuration of will be interesting to companies where the next business organization:

For doctors fixed some areas, districts of the city, in the office there is a call-center that registers appeals of insured persons and patients. The operator registers the patient's contact information, complaints, fills in the list of services that the patient needs, such as "doctor's call". Next, the operator sends the doctor's call card to the status of "Diagnosis" and transmits the message to the doctor who supervises the patient's area of ​​residence or place of work. The doctor calls the patient back, and arranges for a visit to the patient. After the visit, the doctor calls back to the operator and informs about the established diagnosis, the services that need to be provided to the patient on his recovery, as well as the list of medications the delivery of which must be arranged. Having filled this data, the operator translates the card "Registration of a call of the doctor" in the status "Treatment". The doctor monitors the course of treatment, the operator controls the process. After completion of treatment, if necessary, a sick leave sheet is issued. The last step: the card "Registration of a doctor's call" is closed.


Industry Medical clinics, medical institutions  
Category Additional settings  Other configurations  Controlled forms  Medical companies  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations BAS Trade Management, редакція 3.2  Management of a small company  Accounting for Russia and Kazakhstan, edition 3.0  BAS Integrated enterprise management  Trade Management for Russia, edition 11  
from UAH 80 000