1C 8: Uploading product data to the online sales center
UAH 1 200
Full description

Upload-data-for-online-stores3Customization allows you to regularly upload data about products to sales centers on the Internet:

Uploaded data - prices, balances, any properties and characteristics.

Who can be useful?

  • If it is necessary to arrange unloading of data about products , prices, balances, its properties and characteristics in the sales centers: prom.ua, price.ua, hotline.ua, Яндекс.Маркет .
  • If you need to upload product information for dealers and sellers for the possibility of organizing further uploading of information to their trading platforms on the Internet..
  • Ability to use for own online stores.


Copies of screens

Рис. 1. Основная форма обработки

Fig. 1. Basic form of treatment.

Рис. 2. Форма диалого товара (номенклатуры). Редактирование свойств товаров

Fig. 2. The form of the dialog goods (nomenclature). Editing the properties of goods

Configuration functionality

  • Possibility of uploading data in formats:
    • xls;
    • xml;
    • csv (excel);
    • csv (text).
  • Universal mechanism for filling the properties of goods. Product properties can be set from "unit of measure" to "number of wheels" and "maximum speed".

Designed for use in typical configurations:

  • Trade Management for Ukraine, Edition 2.3;
  • Managing a trading enterprise for Ukraine;
  • Managing a manufacturing enterprise.

In addition, you can configure for configurations on managed forms - UNF and Trade Management, edition 3.0


Features of implementation

Setup works with prom.ua, for the possibility of organizing the unloading of data on goods to dealers. If you need to exchange with other shopping centers on the Internet (price.ua, hotline.ua, Yandex. Marketand others) it is necessary to configure the format of the file being uploaded, which usually takes 9-10 hours of work of a specialist. If the integration into your configuration will be carried out by your specialist, then, if necessary, we will carry out the necessary consultations.


Cost of setting: 1200 UAH.

Cost of implementation in the configuration of the customer by agreement.

We give a money back guarantee, if the setting does not suit you.

Developer: NCT


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