1С8: Integration of "1С 8" with "Comarch EDI"
UAH 2 740
Full description

Integration of "1C 8" with «Comarch EDI» with the following options:

  • Download orders from «Comarch EDI»;
  • Unloading invoices in«Comarch EDI»;
  • Comparison of the nomenclature and counterparties in "1C 8" and "Comarch EDI", excluding duplication.

Orders from "Comarch EDI" customers fall into "1C 8" automatically . In Fig. 1 shows a fragment of the magazine "Orders of customers", where orders received from "EDI" are marked with the corresponding icon.

Journal & quot; customer orders & quot; With imported customer orders from "EDI"

Fig. 1. The magazine "Orders of customers" with the downloaded orders from "EDI"

When downloading orders from "Comarch EDI", the counterparty and the nomenclature are automatically detected. In addition, the task is formed for the responsible manager or the sales manager about the receipt of new orders with EDI.

More about the functionality


Fig.2. Added an "EDI" button on the top panel of the Customer Orders document log.
Fig.3. Form processing. Filling in the initial settings on the "Settings" tab.

Fig.4. Selecting a directory for storing files and specifying the person in charge on the "Settings" tab of the processing form.
Fig.5. On the tab "Loading", processing forms, the button "Automatic loading" is located for automatic loading of documents.
Fig.6. Installation of compliance of the loaded nomenclature with the nomenclature in 1C.
Fig.7. The indication of compliance of the loaded nomenclature with the 1C nomenclature (reference book "Nomenclature").
Fig.8. Filling the counterparty field (our organization), data type - directory "Organizations".

Fig.9. Filling the counterparty field, data type - reference book "Counterparties".

Fig.10. Filling the counterparty (customer) by GLN code.
Fig.11. Counterparty identification when filling out the GLN code.
Fig.12. Specify the place of delivery (the "Address" field) when identifying the counterparty.
Fig.13. Formed document "Buyer's order", the commentary contains data that was entered in the processing form.
Fig.14. Processing form, on the tab "Counterparty correspondence" can add, change or view data on counterparties.
Fig.15. Corrected data on counterparties,bookmark "Counterparty correspondences", processing forms.
Fig.16. Finish filling in the settings for automatic loading.

It can be integrated into configurations on common forms 1C:

  • Trade management;
  • Manufacturing enterprise management;
  • Trade Management, Revision 2.3;
  • Accounting, edition 1.2

The cost of work: 2740 UAH.
Excluding the cost of integration in the configuration of the customer.
Developer: NCT
Professional programming "1C"

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