1C 8: Configuration "Management of the clinic. Medicine". Workplace administrator of the clinic
UAH 20 000
Full description

Purpose and functions of the program:

  • The workplace of the clinic administrator..img_41311
  • Record schedule for doctors.
  • Work with insurance companies.
  • Work with affiliates.
  • A simple, intuitive interface.
  • Ability to work through an Internet browser.
  • Possibilities of printing cash vouchers for fiscal registrars.
  • Services accounting: prices, discounts.

The basic configuration is a typical configuration "Management of a trading enterprise for Ukraine", in which the accounting and managerial accounting (salary, personnel, mutual settlements).

The configuration is configured on managed forms, which allows you to log in to the database through an Internet browser.

Video with configuration overview

Copies of screens

Рис1. Журнал ведения записей к врачам.

Fig.1. Journal of record keeping to doctors. All the doctors, the schedule of their work, the recorded appointments to the doctor, the status of the doctors: on leave, on leave, on sick leave.

Рис. 2. Документ

Fig. 2. The document "Entry to the doctor." In the background - the schedule of recording to doctors.

Рис. 3. Карточка пациента.

Fig. 3. The patient's card. On the "Services provided" tab, a list of all services provided to the patient.

Рис. 4. Печатная форма графика записей к врачам

Fig. 4. Printed form of schedule records to doctors.

Рис. 5. Документ

Fig. 5. The document "Entry to the doctor." "Services" tab.

Рис. 6. Карточка пациента. На заднем плане - справочник пациентов.

Fig. 6. The patient's card. In the background - a directory of patients.

Рис. 7. Отчет администратора за период

Fig. 7. Administrator's report for the period. Data on doctors, payment data broken down by types of payments and turnover and by insurance companies.

Рис. 8. Отчет по количеству пациентов.

Fig. 8. Report on the number of patients with details on doctors and directions.

Рис. 9. Отчет администратора за день.

Fig. 9. Administrator's report for the day.

Рис. 10. Отчет по врачам.

Fig. 10. Report on doctors.

Рис. 11. Сводный отчет по пациентам. Количественные показатели.

Fig. 11. Summary report on patients. Quantitative indicators.

The cost of configuration: 20 000 UAH (without VAT). 

Developer: NCT


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