1C 8: "Refueling, repair, maintenance of cartridges for printers. Configuration"
UAH 6 000
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The configuration of "Cartridge refilling" is designed to organize a business of refilling and repairing cartridges.

Basic configuration functions "Refilling cartridges":

  • reception of cartridges from the customer;

  • refueling, repair or other operations (there is an opportunity to coordinate them with the customer);

  • return cartridge to customer;

  • preservation of history (who, what did and what materials were used for this).

The configuration "Refilling and repair of cartridges" is written on the basis of the configuration "Trade Management, edition 3.1".
Changes in the configuration of "TM 3" are minimal.

Video with configuration overview:

Description of configuration in dialog configuration forms

Types of workplaces:

1.       administrator workplace-accepts and issues cartridges to the client;

2.       the workplace of the tanker (engineer) -he sees a list of cartridges for the gas station and indicates the current status of those taken to work.

Рис. 1. Рабочее место "Заправка картриджей. Выбор пользователя".

1.Workplace, user "Administrator".

Рис. 2. Рабочий стол "Заправка картриджей", пользователь-администратор.

Fig. 2. Desktop "Refilling cartridges", user-administrator.

List of the main documents of the configuration desktop "Cartridge refilling":

1.       show the list of documents "Receiving cartridges";

2.       create a document "Receiving cartridges";

3.       list of documents "Receiving cartridges";

4.       a tab showing the current status of the cartridges in the selected document (3);

5.       detailed information for each cartridge, indicating the current status and on which shelf it lies;

6.       registration of return of cartridges to the customer;

7.       the ability to view the history of a dedicated cartridge (5);

8.       list of "Buyer's orders" written out on the basis of "Acceptance of cartridges".

"Receiving cartridges" document.

Рис. 3. Документ "Поступление картриджей на обслуживание".

Fig. 3. The document "Receipt of cartridges for maintenance", the tab "Accepted cartridges".

Рис. 4. Документ "Поступление картриджей на обслуживание", закладка "Выполненные работы".

Fig. 4. The document "Receipt of cartridges for maintenance", the tab "Completed work".

Рис. 5. Документ "Поступление картриджей на обслуживание", закладка "Материалы".

Fig. 5. The document "Receipt of cartridges for maintenance", the tab "Materials".

The "Moving cartridge" document moves the cartridge between the stores, and also changes its status.

Рис. 6. Документ "Перемещение картриджей". Указание статуса заправки.

Fig. 6. The document "Moving cartridges". Indication of refueling status. 

The "Cartridge refill" desktop contains a list of cartridges for returning to the customer or coordinating work with the customer.

Рис. 7. Список картриджей к возврату клиенту или к согласованию.

Fig. 7. List of cartridges for return to the customer or for coordinating work with the customer.

2. Workplace, user "Refueler (engineer)".

List of used cartridges.

Рис. 8. Список взятых в работу картриджей, пользователь-инженер.

Fig. 8. List of used cartridges, user-engineer. 

List of cartridges that stand in line to engineers.

Рис. 9. Список картриджей, которые стоят в очереди к инженерам.
Fig. 9. A list of cartridges that stand in line for engineers.

Settings are allocated to a separate subsystem, if necessary, you can transfer to other configurations on managed forms.

The cost of configuration: 6000 UAH.

Developer: NCT


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