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Решенные задачи в рамках проекта:

  • Внедрение модуля "Туризм"
  • Интеграция с программным обеспечением Авибилетов и жд (Amadeus, УЖД);
  • Управление доступом;
  • Автоматизирован учет статусов оплат в платежных документах; 

  • Ведение учета.

Конфигурация: "Управління торговим підприємством (УТП)" + "Модуль Туризм".

Industry Tourism  
Category Common forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Trade management  
Full description

Solved problems within the project: 

    • Installed, implemented module "Tourism". The module allows you to keep records of tourism projects, receive information about payments, project status, marketing analysis.
  • Integration with air ticket and railway software (Amadeus, UZH):
    • Organization of data loading by supplier formats.

  • Access control:
    • Development of the module for managing access to payment information.

  • Payment statuses in payment documents:
    • Automation of accounting status of payment documents ("paid", "rejected", "registered").

  • Record keeping:
    • Ability to convert the project into various currencies. To obtain operational information about the profitability of the project.

Configuration: "Management of trade enterprise (MTE)" + "Module Tourism".

Number of users in "1C:Підприємство": 15-25. 

Company "NCT"

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