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Решенные задачи в рамках проекта:

  • Портфель доставок;

  • Планирование производства;

  • Выгрузка остатков на сайт.

Конфигурация: "Управління виробничим підприємством (УПП)".

Industry Production  Online store  
Category Common forms  
Type Management Accounting  
Cofigurations Manufacturing enterprise management  
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Solved problems within the project: 

  • Delivery Portfolio:
    • organization of deliveries by own or hired transport in a certain order, taking into account the weight of the goods, the route of delivery and other criteria affecting the delivery of goods to the end customer.
  • Production planning. 
    • production planning across multiple units. Accounting for the load of production lines. Saving made plans. The distribution of user roles (from full access to just see). Automating scheduling based on permutations of materials.
  • Uploading balances to the site.

Configuration: "Management of a manufacturing enterprise (UPP)". 

Number of users in "1C:Підприємство": 170-175

Company "NCT"

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