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Integration of 1C with Bitrix 24. Integration of the standard solution from Bitrix 24

At the moment, the first stage of integration has been implemented, which will allow you to work with accounts, as well as import goods from 1C to Bitrix24.

The main scenario that is supported for account exchange :

1) Accounts are created on the CRM side.
2) Accounts when a certain status is reached are sent to 1C.
3) On the 1C side, payment of the invoice or its shipment can be made, the composition of the invoice goods can be changed, their cost and quantity. All this data will be automatically sent to the CRM with the next synchronization.
4) The same changes on the CRM side will lead to changes in the corresponding orders in 1C.

The main commodity exchange scenario :

The exchange of goods is realized unilateral, i.e. The changes are monitored only on the 1C side, and when synchronized these changes fall into the CRM.

The basic settings are performed on the 1C Trade Management side

Integration of 1C with Bitrix 24. Full integration with the need to change Bitrix 24

Universal exchange between Bitrix 24 and 1c allows you to configure two-way exchange of almost any data between Bitrix24 and 1s.

To implement the exchange it is necessary that Bitrix24 be deployed on its own cloud server with the possibility of adjusting Bitrix24

Connecting "Google Tag Manager" for analytics "E-Commerce"

Google Tag Manager

The product is useful for marketers and SEO professionals. Allows live analysis of sales, customer interest in a particular product, which allows you to better predict and plan sales. The tool is also useful for SEO, so that it allows you to see not just traffic, but also problem areas. For example, to increase the "comfort" and / or "usability" of your site. 
Handy free tool, thanks to which you will have more time and resources to work with marketing campaigns.
With it, you'll be able to manage all your tags and customize your mobile apps - you do not have to disconnect your IT professionals to write or change the code on the site.